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Amazing Roomate

2023-01-20 21:55:28

When I was living in the UK, I had the most amazing house mate. Her name was Bev, she was the girlfriend of my house mate and lived with us as well. I had a lot of first time experiences with Bev and Paul, including my first MMF and Paul was the first guy to fuck me and the first cock that I ever sucked. Anyway I want to share another first with you.
Bev and I would have sex even if Paul was not around, as he travelled often for research for his MA, and we would often go out and pick up another guy or girl and bring them back for some fun. One night we had gone out clubbing, and hoping to find some young soul to corrupt. Unfortunately we did not succeed and just the two of us came home quite drunk at around 3 in the morning. As we entered the house, I immediately dashed to the toilet because I was dying for a piss, and while I was pissing Bev came in and asked me if I wanted toast, and doing this she leaned up against me, squeezed my arse and bit my ear. I could feel her bra and hard nipples on my back, and my cock started to harden which made pissing difficult. As she left she said hurry up I'm dying for a slash too. I succeeded in finishing up and went into the kitchen, where Bev was making toast, she had taken the butter from the fridge and was putting bread in the toaster. She was wearing her panties and had taken off her bra. I pushed my self up behind her and put my hands on her tits, and pinched her nipples, while whispering into her ear, “who is a horny little bitch?”. I grabbed her nipple rings and started pulling on them lightly as she ground her pert arse into my pelvis. My one hand let go of her nipple and slipped down towards her pussy as I cupped it over her panties. I could feel the wetness and the warmth coming out from between her legs. I turned her around, gave her a long deep kiss and lifted her onto the kitchen counter. I quickly shed my clothes, and started licking her wonderful perky tits, grabbing onto her nipple rings with my teeth and pulling lightly. Her hand was scratching my chest, and pulling on my nipple studs as well, while she ground her cunt onto my cock. I slowly started licking downwards, from her cleavage to her belly button, were I found another ring to pull on. My hand was now massaging her juicy cunt over her lace panties. I tore her panties off, leaving too sexy red marks on her hips, and buried my face between her legs. I licked her lips, more rings here to pull and play with, as I stuck my finger in her sopping wet pussy. I sucked bit and pulled on her pussy lips while sticking three of my fingers deep inside her. After a bit of this I started on her clit flicking my tongue over it, still fucking her with my hand. Bev had grabbed the back of my head and was smothering my face into her pussy. She was pushing so hard that I had to remove my hand, and concentrate in sucking here soaking pussy and clit. My hands cupped her arse cheeks, and spread them open, and as I was licking her pussy she dug her heels into my shoulders and lifted her arse up. I did not miss the opportunity to immediately start playing with her arse hole with one of my soaking fingers, while still biting and pulling on her clit, which is also pierced. As I stuck my finger up her arse Bev started to cum and scream, as she squirted all over my face. Her juices were running down her thighs towards her arse, and that gave me a natural lube to continue fingering her tight arse hole. I pulled her off the counter and bent her over so that I had full access to her arse and arse cheeks. After slapping her a few times to get her cheeks nice and rosy, I spread them and started licking her tight arse hole like there was no tomorrow. As she relaxed, I stuck a finger in her arse again, and then a second one. While I was finger fucking hoer arse, I got up and put my now throbbing cock into her soaking wet hot pussy and started pounding her and sticking my fingers in her arse. Suddenly I saw the butter on the counter and I had a dirty idea, I leant over and scooped a wad of butter, which I then proceeded to smear on Bev's arse hole. I took my cock out and placed the tip on her quivering buttered arse hole and slowly pushed my self all the way in. Bev gasped and screamed and begged me not to stop, as I slowly started ramming her arse. She suddenly pulled away, slapped me spat on my face and threw me to the floor. She then straddled me and stuck my cock up her arse, while she scratched my chest pulled on my nipples spat on me called me a cocksucker and told me how after she came she was going to bend me over an ream my arse with the biggest dildo she owned. I was getting really close to cumming and Bev was in a frenzy bouncing on my cock, every time her arse hit my thighs and balls I could see her soaking pussy open up. Suddenly Bev impaled herself on my cock and started to cum, and at the same time a stream of piss ejected from her pussy all over my face. I had never had this happen to me before, and I found it super horny, and as I opened my mouth to drink her piss I ejaculated deep in her arse, which made her cum again, and piss again.
We collapsed on the kitchen floor lying in a puddle of piss panting. I had never tried water sports before, but after that night I was hooked.
After a while Bev got up off my cock, slapped my face and said “ you liked drinking my piss you little bitch, now suck my arse clean!” with that she shifted up and put her arse hole over my mouth. I proceeded to suck my cum out of her arse as she ground her self on my face and moaned. After she was all clean and horny she put her sopping pussy on my mouth, and I ate her until she came again. The mixture of all the flavors and smells had got me very hard again, and I was hoping for round two. However, Bev stood up, stepped on my cock and balls and ordered me to clean the mess off the kitchen floor. I got up and reached for my boxer shorts, and immediately got slapped, “naked you little whore, and on all fours”.
I started cleaning the piss off the floor with a kitchen towel, as ordered on my knees with my arse in the air. Bev left the kitchen, but I did not look up just kept cleaning. All of a sudden I felt a searing pain on my buttocks, and again and again. Bev had come back with a belt and was whipping my exposed arse. “ Stay down and don't look up” she ordered “ you dirty little piss drinking cum eating slag”. I was getting hornier and hornier, and my cock was now so hard it had turned purple. She then started to whip my cock and balls, which made me even more desperate to cum. Bev then took a piece of string from the kitchen drawer and proceeded to hog tie my cock and balls. She then stepped in front of me and said “ suck this you cock slut” and shoved the biggest strap-on I had ever seen down my throat. I gagged on it but succeeded in being able to swallow the huge black cock she was wearing. She started to fuck my mouth rhythmically, and when she was all the way in my mouth she would lean over and spank my arse. After a bit of face fucking she pulled the plastic cock out of my mouth “ you 'Last Tangoed in Paris' me, your turn bitch” and with that scooped a large wad of butter on her fingers and greased my tight arse hole. “Roll over so I can see you face as I fuck you” I obliged, she put my legs on her shoulders, placed the tip of the huge cock on my arse, and brutally and suddenly shoved it all the way in. Ι screamed in pain and tears sprung to my eyes, but that just got me slapped again. Bev started to slowly fuck my arse, while flicking her finger nails over my nipples and pulling on my barbells. I was getting desperate to cum, but could not because of how tight my cock and balls were tied up. By this time my cock was deep purple and my balls bright red. Bev moved her hand down and lightly slapped my throbbing cock and balls. She started to move faster and faster and was getting more and more violent on my package, she started to cum, and I could feel her juiced explode all over my buttocks. She unstrapped the strap-on, left it in my arse and placed her pussy on my face for me to lick all her juices, she was so wet I felt I would drown. She spun around so that she was facing my cock, still grinding her pussy into my face, and untied the string that she had tied my cock and balls up with, she then leaned over, put my throbbing cock deep in her mouth, while with one hand she applied pressure to the dildo still in my stretched arse hole. She started sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow, and it did not take me long before I shot a huge load of cum into her mouth, as she removed the dildo from my arse. She kept my cock in her mouth while I spurted more cum than I ever remember before, she then took her mouth off my cock came up to me and gave me a deep kiss, while passing my cum to me. We kissed and shared my load, and fell asleep on the floor of the kitchen utterly exhausted.