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Gaucho Girls (part 5 of the Business series)

2023-01-21 01:34:43

The Gaucho Girls

After their visiting friends Bruce and Carla left the Gaucho Girls called up their special friend Jenny down the valley. She had been one of their first acquaintances, in Nevada. They always shared their stories and secrets.

The Pampas of Uruguay are home to Gauchos. These skilled horseback riders and herders have ridden for centuries. Their skills and abilities on horseback are legendary. They use the bolo instead of a lasso and they have their own games of skill. South America away from the Caribbean has a lot more European influence, Italian, English and German influences are stronger. The foods are legendary and the women are beautiful…

Angela and Jasmine are two blonde sisters from the Pampas of Uruguay. They left to come to America and started a small ranch and horse breeding operation in Nevada. The two sisters had an intimate relationship which was accepted in their homeland. In Uruguay there gay, lesbian and bisexuality was a completely private matter. Their family sex relationship also was accepted back home. They did not talk about it here in Nevada. Jasmine loved her sister Angela and the found certain sexual fun to share that only women could do. Back at home they had discovered their sexuality and playing with each others breasts and nipples excited them intensely. They spent hours and hours licking, fondling and sucking their nipples. The nerves that seemed to connect their boobs straight to their pussy made this so hot they had to engage in breast play nearly constantly. They talked to other women and heard about the joy of nursing a child and the strong hormonal arousal that comes with lactation. It was decided that, since they did not want children, they should induce lactation. Reading about herbs and sucking to induce lactation excited them. They visited a health food store and made teas and set a schedule, of suckling, to keep the stimulation constant. Soon they began to secrete the gift of milk and the taste made them even more excited. Often Angela lay opposite Jasmine in a 69 like position. Breast to mouth they lay, so both could suck and be sucked simultaneously.

They fingered and used toys for penetration and played with men too, for some nice penetration.
When they arrived in Nevada the met the Basque sheep rancher's who also spoke Spanish. The Basques had been in Nevada for generations and while they had families in towns or on ranches, the men were alone for much of the year with the sheep. The bond between man and sheep had gone on for centuries. A sheep with a kind face always had a special place in their herds. The ewes learned to enjoy the size and constant desire of the herdsman. While a ram was interested in breeding seasonally, the Basques would fuck the willing sheep year 'round. They kept a few goats as well. The goats were milked and kept closer to their ranch, while the sheep ranged farther afield. The nasty billy goats sucked their own cocks and they would suck off a herdsman as well when trained to be gentle about it. The Basque women tended the goats at home and milked them daily. As profits and technology advanced they started to use milking machines sized just for goat udders.

When the Basques showed the Gaucho Girls their operation the girls took a special interest in the goat milking machines… The Basque women introduced them to the skills of their dogs for herding and for fucking women. It was a form of birth control and family planning. The men fucked the sheep and the women usually fucked the dogs. A dog was selected for his herding skills but, also for the size of his dick and friendly disposition towards women. The Gaucho Girls were fascinated by the dog's skillful tongue work on the Basque women. When they were shown the fat dog dick and the bulging knot, they wanted to try it all. Many an evening were spent at the ranch house with the Basque women sucking each-others breasts and getting fucked or licked by the house hounds. The dogs never revealed their exploits to people in town and they could not get the women pregnant either. The girls found it an ideal combination of attributes

Since they knew more about horses than other livestock the Uruguayan Girls went to some regional fairs and livestock shows to see what kind of business ideas they might encounter. At a 4H show they met a ranch girl with a miniature horse stallion. The little horse stud was about the size of a large dog and the Gaucho Girls did not see why there would be any economic interest in such a breed. The young Nevada girl whispered her taboo secret to them during a quiet moment at the horse show. The small breed of horses had a perfect sized dick for some real farm fucking action. Since the horses lived twice as long as a dog and could be fed in a field and kept outside the cost was economical. The little ranch girl said she needed to be fucked all the time but, was did not want kids yet. Her parents encouraged her to breed the miniature horses though they did not talk about all the horses skills at the dinner table.
She offered to sell the her prize winning stud and a couple of mares for a package price. Her herd was reaching the limit of the family ranch and it would be better to get some cash and buy more land. The Gauchos eyed the horse dick and discussed the idea. The told the girl they would visit her family's ranch after the horse show and see about making a deal.

After the fair, they met at the Mormon ranch where the girl lived with her dad. Her mother had died in a cattle stampede during a thunderstorm and the kids had been raised by their dad since a young age. Her younger brother was away working on a cattle herd back in Utah. She had finished high school and stayed to help her dad with his draft horses and had her own little herd, of miniatures, now too. Her dad leased his stock for logging in remote areas and was away at the moment. Jenny, the Mormon girl, unloaded the trailer and took the Gaucho girls to the barn.

Jenny went to one of the paddock areas and stripped off her jeans. She set out a saddle blanket on the ground and got on her hands and knees with one of her little stallions. The miniature horse sprung a fat boner at once. His fat dick was about 9” long and 1 1/2” across. Angela whispered, about the nice size, to Jasmine. Jenny wiggled her ass in the direction of the little stallion and the horse approached her sniffing her exposed cunt with interest. He licked and tasted it which made his dick more erect and angry looking. Then he mounted her skillfully and slipped his dong inside with a few well aimed thrusts. The look on Jenny's face told the Gaucho Girls everything they needed to know. Jasmine stripped down and demanded a chance to sample the horse meat, at once. Jenny laughed and got up to the dismay of the stallion. Jasmine quickly took her place and the little horse stud resumed his humping motions. His fat cock stretched Jasmine more than the sheep dogs did but, she loved the full feeling it gave. She felt more full and satisfied than she ever had. She screamed to Angela “Oh yes! We must have a herd of these little horses.” Angela felt a little jealous that the horse could satisfy her sister so well. She had always been able to lick and finger Jasmine into a wet mess of cum. This horse had her sister's cunt on fire and it made her want to try it too. Jenny led Angela to another pen on nearby. Here another miniature stallion had his front hooves on the fence while he watched Jasmine getting horse fucked. Clearly this little stud wanted some ranch girl pussy right now too. Angela got out of her clothes and knelt in the dirt of the pen. The stallion already had a fat hard on going and his size was slightly longer than his stable mate's. Angela gasped as he rammed his dick inside her. He was older and more experienced with cowgirls and wasted no time in fucking the Gaucho Girl into a foaming mess.

Jasmine's attending stallion whinnied and neighed. He drove deep and reared forward on his hind legs and blew his nut deep in her twat. White horse jizz flowed out as his dick plunged in. Jasmine's ears popped and she felt like the horse dick might come out of her mouth. He was so stiff and long and nasty. It made her feel like a real cowgirl now. She had heard of Brazilian girls fucking ponies but, had never seen or felt anything like this miniature horse stallion. Jasmine fell onto the blanket and lay there I a cum coma. Jenny laughed out loud at the sight before her. She loved a good horse fucking and remembered how good it felt from the very first time. Angela was still getting drilled like piece of wood in a cabinet shop. The fat horse dick plunged and pumped and she shook to his beat. She tried bearing down with her squeeze muscles to finish the stallion off sooner but, it was hopeless. He had not been bred recently and he was full of drive and spunk. After a half hour of furious fucking he shot is load with a force that launched Angela off his dick like a pea from a pop gun. Angela landed in the dirt all come covered and sweat. The horse spew kept coming and she rolled over and took a face shot from his final contractions. There was no doubt that both sisters wanted to invest in this livestock, as soon as they could. Jenny laughed so hard she was in tears. She loved to fuck horses but, watching these two newcomers was as much fun as fucking herself. She latched the horses in their pens and led the two Gaucho Girls to the ranch house.

Jenny took the visiting Gaucho Girls to the bathroom and she turned on the shower. They had a large propane water heater and a good well. She was still naked too and they all got in the shower together to clean up. They used the hand hose to clean up their messy pussies and enjoyed the massaging settings on the shower hose nozzle. Angela offered Jenny some fresh breast milk from her full milk sacks and Jenny tasted the gift of her glands. Jasmine took Angela's other nipple and began to finger her sister aimlessly. Their move to America had been a wise choice. They were getting dog licked and horse fucked now. Their lactation and mutual milking got their urges going and the local beasts helped satiate them completely. Jenny stepped out of the shower and got her leather dildo. It was a traditionally crafted design that the 4H girls had made on the sly. She re fucked both her new friends with the leather poker and their knees buckled and they fell to the floor of the shower. Jenny stood over them and hosed them off before she shut off the water flow. She toweled them dry and then got dressed and went to the kitchen.

A ranch kitchen was the business office and general gathering place. She pulled out the paperwork for her prize miniature stallion and the two mares. She signed off on the contract blank and waited for the Gaucho Girls to get their cash from their truck. They paid half the amount and agreed that Jenny would deliver the livestock tomorrow and collect the remainder. They took the paperwork and limped back to the truck. Their pussies were sore from fat horse dick. They drove slowly to avoid bumping up and down on their tender flesh bruises.

The next day Jenny delivered her horses as agreed. It was the beginning of the Gaucho Girls own herd. They went to several other events to get more livestock. In California their were many rich girls on family hobby ranches. They did not earn a living from their live stock but, just like the Mormon ranch girl, they got fucked hard by their miniature stud stallions. Later the Gaucho Girls added some ponies to their breeding herds. These were hung with fatter and longer dicks. The pony cock was more than the Gauchos wanted for themselves but, for business, there was a strong demand for slightly larger horse dick. It was more profitable to offer both choices and after a couple of years they had a good selection of horse meat for any client's need.

By breeding ponies and miniature horses they found a niche that did not require a huge property. Their incestuous relationship drew no notice in their homeland and they did not attract any attention in Nevada on their isolated ranch.

They had quickly learned that the miniature horses had a perfect sized dick and were quite friendly to sharing it with Gaucho Girls. The little horses could never get them pregnant nor would they ever tell anyone about their secret sex life. Every morning they went to the stables and each chose one of the little stallions to service them. They found a way to hang a hammock sideways across the rafters in the barn which allowed them to hang under the little stallions. By placing a wooden bench for the horses to stand on with their front legs; now they could comfortably be mounted. This way they did not have to crawl or fall directly on the dirt.

They had a good life on the Nevada range lands. They made enough money to buy a used goat milking machine and they used it on their constantly lactating breasts. Angela nursed Jasmine and shared her milk vise-versa. They visited their Mormon friend Jenny to sample her horse dick variety and shared their horse meat with her too.

Jenny's father had a special saddle for his huge draft horses. Like an English saddle it had no saddle horn. Instead it had a raised pommel with a cantle facing to the rear as well as the normal seat cantle. This way her dad could sit with her facing him on this lap. Sitting on top she could bounce fuck him horse back while being supported on the same saddle. The huge draft horse easily supported both of their weights and had a perfect rhythm for a bouncing penetration fuck. It was a Mormon tradition of her to fuck her dad but, he always pulled out to avoid knocking her up. The would have a child someday but, neither one was in a rush to start a pregnancy right now. Jenny showed how her dads saddle worked well with a double dildo too. She sat under Angela and hooked their pussies together with a special silicone device. The bouncing horse fuck felt great and Angela let her sister Jasmine take over after a few laps around the pasture. Jenny loved her new horse riding and fucking friends. They adapted to the rural Nevada ways and were skilled at horse riding and pussy licking too. Jenny liked their milk gift too. She regularly sucked tit and drank the glands secretions when they got together.

Jenny's father found out about the Gaucho Girls lactation and told Jenny he always sucked on Jenny's mom's tits between nursing too. It had been long ago but, he still had the taste for the gifts of the milk gland. Jenny's father John was a “Jack Mormon”. He did not follow every rule to the letter but, he was accepted in Mormon society and no one questioned his choices. He was quite successful with his draft horses and, since his wife had died, he frequented the brothels of Nevada. He had fucked Denise, Bucks wife, many times. They were good friends and he fucked her at home too. His daughter Jenny went to high school with Buck's girls and they did all the things that country girls did to please each other. Jack took a liking to the Gaucho Girls lactating fetish and they were always welcome to visit his ranch to ride his draft horses, whether he was home or not. He showed them where he kept his secret saddle and told them they were family and to always make themselves at home at his ranch.

His huge draft horses had gigantic horse dicks that seemed impossible to the tight young ranch girls. They were young and childless so they had no interest in getting stuffed or stretched by such a huge horse cock. John knew that there were plenty of fat women and stretched out matrons that could stuff anything from a beer can to a bedpost between their open meat flaps. Her fafher drove off into the night with his trailer and a prized draft horse stallion to service a special client's need. Jenny never answered the phone in his room because, it was reserved for private bookings and the customers demanded complete discretion. No woman wanted anyone to know she took horse dick the size of a tree trunk for her pleasure. The Gaucho Girls were fascinated by the idea of such a huge come blast and John promised them he would show them what the big steeds could do. He had a couple of clients that loved being watched. They were nasty women with no shame and he gave them a discount for providing a show, to demonstrate his draft stallions abilities, to new clients. Angela and Jasmine could not wait to see such a show. They often sucked each others tits and speculated on what the big come shot would look like as they drank their own juicy secretions.

Their nipples were overdeveloped by now and got swollen and distended from the constant use. Jenny was thinking about doing it her self someday. She knew her dad would appreciate some family fresh milk. It made Jenny wonder if her milk would taste the same to her father. She loved his dick and riding on him, like a cowgirl, on horse back. It made her wet to watch the Gaucho Girls use their goat milking machine on each other. It made her think of trying it on her dad's dick sometime too. He was always up for something new and she decided to see if the Uruguayan girls knew anything about that use for the technology. Perhaps the Basque goat milkers had tried out that on themselves?

The Gaucho Girls fit right into the cultural agriculture of the Washoe Valley. It was a friendly place and their new friends Carla and Bruce made them glad they came to America. as much as the other people in the Washoe Valley. They told Jenny everything and schemed on ideas, for more lactation sharing and horse fucking, as soon as they could get together.