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Seize the Day-6 End of a weekend

2023-01-22 00:20:24

Seize the Day - Part 6

I wake in the morning feeling depressed and achy. My body feels used and abused. I remember the events of the last day and flinch. What came over me? I remember the herb tea and being really horny and open to suggestion and coercion. Inside I remember having a good time. My logical mind is wondering how this is going to play out.

You are gone from the bed. I wander out to the kitchen and you are fixing breakfast. You hand me a cup. I look at it and sniff it wondering. You notice my trepidation and say, “It's a recovery tea. An herbal mix to help with the depressed feelings. The one we had yesterday isn't without side affects.” You raise your cup and clink against mine and sip.

I take a sip and sit down at the table. I can't stop thinking about our changed relationship. How is this going to go from now on? We've been friends for so many years, through college, dating numerous girls, you were even my best man at my wedding. Now we've had sex, man to man. You've seen me cross-dressed for your fantasy. Am I just your play thing now? Your anal whore, blow job slut, cum bucket?

You bring plates of food to the table and sit down. I look at my plate, my stomach still unsettled. I look up and say, “Look. About this arrangement. I love my wife...” You interrupt me, “Whoa, whoa! Don't freak out now. Take another sip of tea, it really helps.” You reach into your pocket and pull out your cell phone. I squint seeing you flip through it.

“Look!” you start, “I've deleted the recording from the night at your house.” You point to your phone's screen, it's blank. You start explaining your motives. How when you caught me fucking myself you wondered what was happening with me. How you hadn't had sex in a while just like me, even thou I'm married. How you took the chance to Seize the Day. You wanted to share my experience and later you wanted me to share in yours.

We talked back and forth. I explained how I got hooked on anal pleasure and how my wife was usually cold regarding physical contact. You your excitement at living out a fantasy. We both started to laugh. You raise your cup, “To life and all the craziness it brings.” “Here here.” I respond sipping the tea. It was helping.

We ate and I settled down quite a lot. My ass was still sensitive and my jaw sore when I chewed but none the worse for wear. We cleaned up the dishes from breakfast and went to sit in the living room. You were scratching your groin and I was scratching my ass. We both laughed again, feeling much more relaxed and comfortable. You look at me, “One more for the road?” and reach into your pants to expose your dick.

My ass twitches and I salivate spontaneously. What the hell. I get down on my knees between your legs and lick your dick. “Hang on.” you say and lift yourself up enough to slide your pants down. I have full access to your growing dick now. I slide in closer to your cock and pull it down straight towards my mouth. Sucking it in you lean forward and rock your hips. Fucking it in and out, “Man you suck a mean cock.”

You lean forward and work loosening my pants and slide them down exposing my ass. I moan around your meat pocking at the back of my mouth. You slip a finger in my asshole and pull pushing your dick into my throat. My groan vibrates your cock and you shake a little but keep thrusting in and out of my throat now. My sore ass is starting to heat up and the pain is fading the more you wiggle and fuck your finger. Then there were two fingers.

I start pounding against your stiff meat pulling it as deep as I can from this position. You spread your legs and hook them over my arms closing the gap between my mouth and your pubic hair. You let me slurp and suckle your pulsing cock. All the while you are playing with my butt cheeks and fucking your fingers in my wet hole.

“Let me finish in you ass.” you say spreading my cheeks and pushing in hard. I'm swimming when you tell me that. This morning I wasn't sure about this, but now the thought of your cock pounding my ass gets me completely wound up and I unleash a torrent of tongue lashing on you. You moan and groan and thrust your hips.

Soon I can taste your pre-cum in my mouth and around my tongue. I pull off and jump up in your lap quickly lining up your dick to my asshole. You are thrusting up trying to find the entrance and I'm working on keeping you lined up. Suddenly you penetrate and I flinch. You reach for my hips and just force me down on your hard thrusting cock. My head spins from the pain.

The pain passes quickly and is replaced with the rhythmic thrusting of your forceful dick. I'm flush and panting as you continue pounding deeper and deeper. Finally you reach full depth as your hips push up into my cheeks. Lifting me up before dropping out from underneath until I fall back down on you thrusting up. I'm bouncing off your hip thrusts and completely lost in pleasure.

You are grunting quickly now and I can feel the head of your dick fat in my ass stroking up and down. I squeeze and try to focus on your strokes. Working on increasing the pleasure you are feeling as you get so close to orgasm. Twisting my hips to match your angle all while drooling down the front of my shirt. My mouth slack and my tongue dry.

I feel your first jerk as you orgasm and spray your cum into my ass. Your hands are holding my butt firmly against your hips as you thrust with each spasm. My ass clenching and milking your meat of it's juices. Over and over until you relax back into the couch. I fall against you. Both of us breathing hard. 'So, maybe this won't be so bad.' I think to myself as I regain my breath.

I few minutes later I've recovered enough to pull off your softening dick and go clean up. When I return you are dressed again and have the little white box in your hands. You say, “I want you to have this. Maybe you will find some use for it.” I take it and smile, “So, the next time you're in town...?” You smile and shrug, “I'll keep an open mind if you will. I enjoy this side of you. I don't expect it to last forever. We'll always be friends.”

After packing my bags and getting the car loaded up we stand in the living room. “I won't forget this. We've always been good friends.” I say. You just smile and say, “Anytime you need me, just call.” I start for the door and have a thought, “Does that herbal tea work on women as well?” You smile with a broad evil grin and hand me a small brown bag, “Just use a small amount, once a day over a couple days. I hope she comes around for you.”

A couple days after I make it home you send me a message: “Since the weekend I received; 5 requests from guys for pictures, 3 offers for dates, 2 proposals for sex, and 1 warning about the laws regarding sex with minors. It's a dream come true. Thanks for your help. Hopefully someone will fit the uniform like you did.” My heart pounds. All those pictures... Oh well, Seize the Day.