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The Club pt 5 - Mary and Beth 1

2023-01-24 00:09:54

Mary and Jeff just celebrated their 1-year anniversary in the new apartment. Jeff had become an executive VP with his company and they had moved to the home office here in New York. They had purchased this apartment overlooking Central Park. They had also purchased the apartment next to them. In addition, Beth and Derrick had purchased the other apartment on this floor. Jeff had hired him away from his other company with an extremely large salary increase and moved him up here also.
There had been a large number of discussions between Mary and Jeff and Beth and Derrick before Derrick accepted the new job and moved here. The major discussion revolved around the increasing satisfaction the four of them were having in their new life style. The women had become very comfortable in the roles as slaves and the men, after taken a lot of instructions and advice from Kevin, had learned to be two of the best Masters around.
This and the fact they had become very close friend and part time lovers led them to decide to expand their lifestyle. This is what led to them buying all three apartments on this floor. The first job done before they actually moved in was to convert the 3 apartments into 1 single large apartment. Each had his own area with its own entrance, but the area between them had been renovated to allow access from the other two and included their mutual sexual playrooms. Thus they could get together and enjoy themselves without fear of neighbors. The major modification to the playrooms was to make them complete soundproof.
When the men usually arrived home, the women would be waiting. Always wearing the same clothes style. The style was the same as they were instructed to wear when they were initiated into Bondage and Discipline Club. This consisted, of a linen skirt, 2 to 3 inches above the kneecap. Full enough so that it could be raised so their ass could be whipped or taken. A pair of 4-inch stiletto pump, garter belt and hose. Nothing else under the garments. Each woman was wearing, in addition to any other jewelry, a one-inch gold bracelet on each wrist, the catch of which was invisible to the naked eye and could only be removed with a key that the men kept. Their hair was always at least 6 inches their back hairline and put up in a bun, a French twist or French braids. They had standing appointments at the beauty show to keep their hair trimmed, including their bangs, conditioned and colored. The coloring came about since Mary had began to show some gray and Derrick had told Beth to lighten her hair to a light golden blond from her natural medium blond.
Tonight, however, things were not as expected. The women had gone to the beauty shop to have their hair colored and trimmed since there was a special party coming up this weekend. A late appointment was all they could get because they were only told about the party 24 hours ago. An accident on the way home had stalled traffic for over an hour. So the women only had time to dress and pull their hair up into a bun and put a hairpin in to hold it there. The men had made it a policy that if they ever took the women hair down, it was a sign that the women would receive punishment later. So the women, when they felt like they would like to have a bit of discipline, would put their hair up in a bun with only a hairpin. If the men wanted, they could take the hair down or leave it up. On this evening, the women just didn't have time and so they were really hoping the men would leave the hairpins in, but the men almost immediately removed the hairpins. Since Mary knew this was the second time this week that she had been scheduled for punishment and the party was coming up, she felt she knew what her punishment was to be and she was really not looking forward to it.
Jeff and Derrick had learned a lot from Kevin and he even allowed them, after they were trained, to help initiate some of the new members into the Bondage and Discipline Club lifestyle. So when they moved to New York and refurbished the apartments, one of the items they constructed was a whipping rack like the one Kevin had. This was what Mary knew she would be disciplined on this coming weekend. The rest of the week was spent getting ready for the party that evening. Five other couples from within their circle had been invited to attend and each was to bring a new couple who had shown interest in the bondage and discipline. Since they also were bringing a new couple apiece, then there would be seven new couples. As with the times at Kevin's, there would be several sessions leading up to the level that culminated with the initiation of the women into being slaves. As always, a couple was allowed to leave at different points if they felt like they had had enough. Normally, from one of these parties, which lasted all weekend, maybe one couple would be ready to go to the highest level. But usually, there were only be four new couples, but this weekend, there would be seven. So chances were higher that some couple would choose the last level.
The guests started arriving at 5:30 and at 6:00, the door were shut and no one else was allowed to enter. Several women who were in the circle, but whose husbands were not able to attend, were selected to serve for the evening. All the women arrived wearing the required clothes and with their hair up except for two whose hair was not long enough yet. The borrowed slaves were also wearing the same except they were also wearing the leather bracelets on their wrists and ankles and a leather choker. The slaves served wine, mixed drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Dinner was called at 7:00. After dinner, all retired to the TV room where more wine, drinks and cheese were waiting. Again "The Story of 0" was the first film shown and the second was a more detailed film on bondage and discipline. Not unusually for these parties, at the end of the films, most of the couples were fondling one another. Beth could only smile as she remembered her first time and thought how funny it was that these films still seems to excite her just as much. As expected, one couple decided that this really wasn't what they were looking for and decided to leave. The couple who brought them decided to retire also since he had a business trip scheduled for Tuesday and could really use the time to get ready.
Before then next session was to being in the bondage room, Jeff exchanged Mary’s earring with one green dangle and one blue dangle. This meant she could be taken once during bondage and once during discipline. In addition, Jeff made sure the new women were given the correct color of studs. The studs meant they were new initiates and could not be had during bondage or punishment. Nancy and Karen got Emerald studs since they were anal virgins and Louisa and Pam and the other two women got yellow since they were not virgins in their cunts nor their asses. Jeff then explained that each woman was to be bound by three different men that evening.
After this session, two more couples decided to exit. The party moved to the next level, discipline. Derrick explained that since there were still 10 couples, they figured that having each man discipline every woman would actually be too much for the women at this time. So each women would only have four men discipline them. Mary and Beth expected at least one of the new couples to drop out at this point but were pleasantly surprised when they didn't.
After the women had had their welts taken care and were given tea, Jeff announced that the discipline session would continue using the whipping rack. He and Derrick would discipline each woman with 15 strokes each. The rack was brought in by the slaves and everyone inspected it. Since most of the women there had already seen the rack they were not surprised at the dildo mounted on the padded section. They all knew this was to be in their cunts during the whipping. The other four new women were visible shaken by the thought of what was going to happen, but none of them backed out. Jeff then announced that since Mary and Beth both had extra discipline coming, they would both be examples of how the whipping rack would be used for stiffer punishment.
The women in turn were brought to the rack, had the dildo inserted into them as they were bound at their ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, and chest to the whipping rack. So as they were whipped, the dildos would fuck them. After they were cared for, Mary was directed to the rack. She approached the rack and stood with her back to the rack. "Yes", Jeff said, "Mary will be facing out so that I can whip her breasts, her stomach, her legs and her cunt. And in case you are wondering, the dildo will go in her ass". After Jeff had finished with Mary, Derrick did the same to Beth.
The slaves brought more wine and cheese and the women relaxed and discussed their feeling at this time. They knew the next step was the initiation into being a slave. To the delight of the older six couples, all four of the remaining women decided to accept the initiation. This was something that had never happen before and the logistics of this cause Jeff and Derrick to have to step away to make plans. They return 10 minutes later and announced they were ready.
Jeff and Derrick had decided that since there was four women, they could not do the work by themselves as they normally did. Therefore they asked the other four older men to assist them. The four new men were to be entertained by all the remaining women as they slaves except when the women were needed to assist in their part of the initiation. Mary and Beth were also not going to entertain since they were needed to help coordinate activities.
Since there were four other men, Jeff and Derrick decided to perform the initial part of the initiation and then the six of them would share the duties the next day. Thus it began; each woman was taken to a bedroom by the friend who had brought her. Her friend then bathed her, and then bound her for the initiation. Jeff and Derrick drew straws to see who got what woman. Jeff got Nancy and Pam and Derrick got Louisa and Karen. So after the women had been bound, Jeff and Derrick went about their tasks of first shaving both the ass and the cunt of each woman. They were then asked if they were ready to accept the sign of slavery to the Club and they all answered “Yes, Master’”. Jeff and Derrick then attached the nipple ring with a ruby on it to their right nipple of Nancy and Louisa and a nipple ring with a Emerald on it to the right nipple of Pam and Karen. They then took the woman anally before letting go to sleep still bound. Thus each man got a virgin ass that night.
The next day, the women were awaken by their respective friend and without removing the bonds, washed and shaved and then feed then breakfast. After which, each was again bound to the bed. Since the initiation usually including taking each woman first in the cunt again, then in the mouth and finally again in the ass, the men drew lots on how to take the women. In the morning, Jeff took Karen and Derrick took Nancy, since they knew that this would have been the normal initiation. Two of the other men took Louisa and Pam. Later four of the men took the women in their mouth. In the evening, four others took the women’s asses. Jeff and Derrick took the asses of the ones that they had not had the night before to complete the initiation. The next morning all four women were release and instructed to bath and shave and then come downstairs to breakfast. After breakfast, everyone, including the slaves went to the TV room.
Jeff explained the bylaws to the new slaves. He mentioned several main points. They were told that their master would decide on their dress and other things at home. But the Club had a dress code for their functions. The slaves were for everyone, except when one was being disciplined. Slaves could be excluded as Beth and Mary were this weekend. Their pubic hair must remain shaved at all times. If a Master wished to do it, it was his right. If not, the slave was to do it daily. The slave was to let her grow to 6 inches below their rear hairline or longer. The women then accepted the leather bracelets for their ankles and wrist and the choker from their lover and were presented to them as their new slaves.
Before the party ended. Derrick announced that a contest was to be held to determine at whose house the next party was to be. Since he had won at the last party, it was up to him to choose a way to select the next party giver. The contest went like this. All the slaves, including the servers, were tied wrist to wrist and ankle to ankle like cutout paper dolls. Their arms were tied by ropes to rings on the wall so the women's arms were pulled up. Their legs were also spread and the end women's were tied to rings in the floor to maintain this. The men would then have to start with their lover and start to take her ass. A timer would go off every 30 seconds. The men would then switch to the next woman in line. The men had to make 10 full strokes in that 30 seconds. The last man to come would have the honor of the next party. Nancy's lover won with Louisa's a close second. He said he wouldn't have managed except he was pretty well spent from the previous day's activities.